hubbub helmet mirror

I do try to cart a few around with me, in the event someone I meet up with wishes to buy one in person, but our helmet mirrors are generally available through my wife Diane.  I contribute heavily to their manufacture, but I consider this project mainly to belong to her.

Please refer to the HubBub On-Line Store, or contact Diane directly for shop or custom club inquiries, or for technical help.

We also make a “left-hand-drive” version (right side of the helmet).  Besides the obvious market of those folks driving on the wrong… I mean left side of the road, we’ve had inquiries from cyclists missing use of the left eye.

Although occasionally a topic of discussion, and not ruled out for the future, we are not currently working on an eyeglass edition.  We do recognize the need for this alternative, and may eventually come up with an eyeglass solution we like well enough to produce.


hubbub drop-bar adapter

This is a simple product I initially developed in 1999, upon the request of a customer.  We had, at the time, recently built him a Waterford 1900 Adventure Cycle with a Shimano Nexus internally geared hub.  Shortly thereafter the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 system was introduced to the U.S. and he wanted one to replace the Nexus.  The problem was he wanted to control the shifting from a road-style drop-type handlebar, which has curves and a smaller diameter than will accept the twist-style control.

I produce two versions:  one in the original 63mm length for Rohloff, and one with a 73mm length (and a score mark at 10mm so it’s easily trimmed to 63mm).  The longer one works best for Shimano, SRAM, and NuVinci N360 twist-controls.

Diane, by the way, is rather fond of the NuVinci drive-train, and its infinitely variable drive ratio.  She doesn’t use a drop style handlebar, but the NuVinci pairs best with the longer adapter, and the additional use of a short section of old grip, or a tight O-ring installed.

Although the 73mm adapter will certainly work if you’re running a Rohloff hub, it is longer than necessary.  You can either cut one down yourself or order a 63mm version directly from me.  Either edition is of course available though the HubBub On-Line Store.

Included with the adapter is an information sheet with installation specs.  If yours is missing you may download a current copy here:  Adapter Literature.