Available by appointment, and by referral, please contact me to arrange a visit to my workshop.  I also make frequent house and office calls for on-site adjustments, consultations, and for pick-up and delivery.

I am not guaranteed to be available without prior arrangements, generally for the above reasons, but can with fair reliability be found in my shop, at a minimum:

Monday through Friday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm – often both earlier and later, but just as often not.

If you have a business card, or have been referred by a friend, than you have the means to contact me and make arrangements quickly. If I can’t answer immediately, please do leave a message. Texting works great for me, but please identify yourself if you have reason to believe I’ve not yet added your contact information to my system. If not, you’re welcome to email a request, and we’ll review your needs.

jenks dot (my first name) at (the google company’s mail division) dot com

I am often helping a customer, have greasy or wet hands, a torch or machine running, or I may be driving or working remotely.  My customers are important, and I try to focus on serving each on an individual basis.  It also took too many years for me to discover how important it is (for us both, you and me) that I occasionally take some personal time to spend with Diane, family, our dogs, and getting house work done.

Note to Solicitors:  You may be encouraged to buy a very nice bike in order to justify diverting my attention away from addressing customers’ needs.