LeMond’s Pocket Guide to Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

LeMond, Greg
Perigee Books. New York. 1990.
ISBN 0-399-51511-9

An impromptu gift from my dad, and an interesting manual, if for little more reason than it’s an early attempt of Mr. LeMond’s at publishing.  There really isn’t anything profound in its advice, but today it may come in handy for anyone hoping for a deeper LeMond1understanding of the mechanics of a racing bike from the ’80s.  It discusses things like repairing a tubular tire, overhauling loose crank bearings, changing freewheel cogs, and adjusting Campagnolo delta brakes; largely outdated by now, but well organized and still good information.  One of the more interesting parts, for me, is the “Acknowledgements” page.  Here, Greg discusses not only influences through previously winning Le Tour de France, but offers fresh (at the time) comments on his hunting accident, involving his brother-in-law.  Greg LeMond’s first tour wins, and news of his shooting, were all at a time when I had a teenager’s enthusiasm for our sport, to which Greg contributed significantly, and any advice about how to work on my bikes was welcome.

By this time nearly everyone has seen it, but in case you haven’t, here’s an illustration of Greg LeMond’s mechanic skills, working on a bicycle.


After months of doing the hands-on work of detailing my new work-space, and working on custom bike projects, I’m finally taking the chance to work on a web presence.  It will likely never be more than minimal.  That’s me, and those who know me… well, that’s what it’ll be.  I usually prefer the work itself over talking about it.  Please do explore a bit though, and I’ll continue to build and contribute.  Let me know what you think.